Your bill is changing, and depending on your method of payment, you may need to take action before September 1st, 2017.

YOURLINK’s billing system will be replaced by TELUS’ system.

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Change for the better.

This is a result of YourLink Inc. joining TELUS as of September 1st, so that TELUS’ cable operations in Revelstoke have a direct billing system in order to serve you better.


With these changes, and the investments being made to improve the network, customers like you are getting:

  • Clearer pictures
  • Faster internet speeds
  • TV set-top box upgrades
  • Internet modem upgrades

As we grow our network, we can offer you faster internet speeds and more HD channels.

The same local, friendly team will be your contact to make any changes to your TV, phone or internet package.

View the full Billing Update Information here:


Your New Payee will be YourLink Revelstoke as of September 1st.

If you pay your bill by telephone or online banking:

change the payee from YourLink Inc. to YOURLINK Revelstoke before you pay your bill that will be due on September 15th.


If you pay manually by cheque:

please make the cheque out to YOURLINK Revelstoke.


If you have automatic payment debited or credited from your account:

we need to update your credit card or debit information in our new system as your billing agreement will now be under YOURLINK Revelstoke.

Please fill out the pre-authorized payment form and mail, fax or call us to update your information in order for your auto-payments to continue.

Click here for a .pdf version of the form: