HD Enhanced Programming

Better Quality - Better Selection!

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HD Enhanced Programming television signal transitioning is underway!

Our channel service providers are going to be delivering signals to us in a new, HD Enhanced format, commonly called MPEG 4.

These MPEG 4 upgrades will give us the opportunity to provide a better quality television service and a broader range of High Definition service options.

The transition will occur in three phases with the final phase being completed by September 2019 and by the fall of 2019, nearly all stations will be available in MPEG-4 HD only.

Customers will require MPEG-4 receivers (DCX 3200 or DCX 3400) on all TV’s to continue viewing our complete channel line-up.

How will MPEG 4 Upgrades Affect me?

HD Enhanced Programming is not compatible with older model Standard Definition or HD Digital receivers in some homes.

This means that, unless your digital receiver is either a DCX 3200 or a DCX 3400, you run the risk of losing channel content as the transition occurs.

In order to continue to receive transitioned content, your receiver may need to be upgraded.


MPEG 4 Receivers



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