Questions About the Email Migration? We've got Answers!

When will the email migrations take place?

UPDATE: Migration has been moved to May 24th, 2017.

On May 24th, 2017 at 10:00pm PST, YourLink email user accounts are being migrated to a new and upgraded email service, powered by TELUS.

This migration will involve a 2 hour email outage during which time you will be unable to send or receive emails.  No emails will be lost during the transition.

What differences will I see?

If you use an email program on your desktop or an application on your mobile device, you won’t notice any difference in how your email program operates, but know that it is more secure and reliable.

If you use Webmail, this email upgrade comes with a new Webmail interface hosted by TELUS and accessible through a TELUS Webmail portal.  The interface still has all of the advantages, features and ease of use you enjoy today and is simple to use.


How does the email migration work?

Technical staff will manage the migration behind the scenes.  Email messages, folders and account information will automatically be moved to the new system.  Trash and junk folders will not be migrated.

Will I need to make any changes on my computer or device?

No!  All changes will be done automatically on our end.  Any bookmarks that point to our old Webmail client (RoundCube) will need to be update to the new TELUS client.

How will I get to my Webmail after the migration?

If you use a link on a YourLink website, you will automatically be redirected to the new Webmail site.

You will have to update any bookmarks or links you have created on your computer or device yourself.

What if I have forgotten my password?

No problem!  Contact a YourLink office before you try to log into the new TELUS powered Webmail portal.  Our CSR staff will verify your account and request a password reset.

Once reset, they will contact you and relay the a new temporary password.

Remember: new passwords must comply with TELUS standards.


You can then log into your Webmail account and create a new password.

Remember:  TELUS Webmail Recovery Email and Forgotten Password links do not apply to YourLink customers.

It’s asking me for a Recovery Email.  What is this?

Recovery Email is a forgotten password function that is not available to YourLink customers.

If you have forgotten your password, contact your local YourLink office for Webmail assistance.

What settings should I use for email on my desktop?

Your email settings will remain the same as before, and you will not need to reset your password.


You also have the option of changing their settings to TELUS email settings if you want to.  Changing to TELUS settings is optional.


Your email address will NOT change.


Visit our Email Support page for information.



What if I am having difficulties with my desktop email client?

YourLink emails have successfully been migrated to a stable, secure and reliable TELUS hosted Webmail platform.  We encourage all users to use the Webmail platform for all of their email needs.

While we do suggest settings for desktop email services, we cannot offer support for any of these email programs.

Support for desktop software is best delivered either from your own, personal computer IT specialist or by contacting the vendor of the email program directly for support services.

YourLink and TELUS are not responsible for the operation of your personal computer, its programs or computer/program settings.

Can I change to a TELUS email account?

No.  TELUS is powering our Webmail interface, not hosting our emails.  YourLink customers do not have access to TELUS email accounts.

Can I contact TELUS for assistance?

No.  Your email account is still a YourLink account and managed through your local office.

Visit our Contact Us page for contact information.